Hydrographics Order Form

Hydrographics Order Form
Please use legible handwriting when
completing order form.
Please complete a separate order form for each item sent.
Shipping Address
Personal Information
First Name:______________________
Adress Line 1:_______________________
Last Name:______________________
Adress Line 2:_______________________
State:________ Zip:_________________
Description of Items Shipped and Any Special Instructions:
Pattern Name & Number: ________________Finish (circle one): Matte Semi-Gloss High-Gloss
Order Checklist
□ Your Items are
safely packaged
and insured for
□ Your order
form is
filled out.
□ Your payment
is included.
□ Signed
Credit Card Billing Information
Name on Card:________________________________________________
Billing Address:________________________________________________
City: ______________________State:________Zip:__________________
Exp. Date:___________________
Security Code: _____ _____ _____
*Please include total amount from price sheet or your quote plus 6%
sales tax. We will call you once your item is dipped to verify the price of
return shipping which will be billed on the card listed on the order form.
We Accept:
Authorization Sheet
This sheet must be signed and returned with your order form.
**All Guns must be disassembled prior to shipping to Carolina Camo Dip. We will not
disassemble your gun for you. If you ship it to us put together we will return it to you at your
**DO NOT ship items to us that are not to be dipped. DO NOT send any firing parts or internal
parts of any gun to us. To avoid extra fees, please make sure your item is free of any residue or
stickers prior to shipment. If there has been tape, paint or any other adhesive or rubberized
coating applied to the item, we will charge a pre treatment fee for removal.
**Complete guns do not include trigger guards, floor plates, bolts or ram rods. These items can
be dipped for an additional $20.00 each. These items will not be warranted.
**Scopes will be fully submerged into water and NO WARRANTY will be given. Please be sure
your item is waterproof before shipping it to us. We do not offer a warranty for damage done
to an item that can not be submerged into water.
Shipping Instructions:
Pack your items using newspaper or bubble wrap.
If you are shipping a firearm make sure any serial numbered receiver is not included.
Wrap each item separately.
Once your item is dipped we will call you to verify the return shipping amount and your
credit card will be charged.
In every event, we try our best to ship items back to you in the same package. So the
return shipping cost is usually the same as it cost for you to ship the item to us.
Carolina Camo Dip cannot be responsible for your item during shipping either way,
therefore we strongly suggest to ship it by UPS and pay for insurance in the event your
item is lost or damaged in transit.
ShipYour Item To:
Carolina Camo Dip
c/o Norwood
854 Hwy 28 ByPass
Anderson, SC 29624
Phone: 864-224-8855
I have read, understand, and agree to all of the Terms of Service
presented in this agreement.