PV9340- 180 N VIKING SOLAS 180 N

Version / 27.03.2015
PV9340- 180 N VIKING SOLAS 180 N
Buoyancy chamber
PU coated nylon, 230 g/m²
Halkey Roberts® automatic inflation system, Hammar®
automatic inflation system, The buoyancy chamber(s) can
be automatically, manually or orally inflated
Retro-reflective trim
2 retro-reflective trims 5x10 cm on sprayhood, 8 retroreflective trims 5x10 cm on buoyancy chamber(s)
Cover material
CORDURA® 500, 260 g/m²
Colour options
02 Lime/high visibility yellow, 06 Yellow wipeclean, 50 Black,
51 Black wipeclean
Application areas
Cargo vessels, Fishing vessels, Passenger ships
1.8 kg
Dimensions (packed)
Approx. 36 x 60 x 12 cm
Optional PLB pocket
PV9340 is our new SOLAS approved constant wear
lifejacket. The design emphasizes ergonomic fit and
comfort and ensures that the lifejacket feels
comfortable even for extended wear, by transferring
weight away from the shoulder area.
As our entire range of SOLAS approved inflatable
lifejackets, PV9340 can also be configured to fit
customer requirements as it will be available in Cordura
or Wipe clean cover, with either a unique metal
snaplock system with D-ring or a single hand operated
plastic buckle and a Hammar or Halkey Roberts
release unit. The D-ring including harness is also
approved for fall arrest according to 12401.
Furthermore it will be possible to choose PLB,
sprayhood and embroidery.
Some of the standard features are neoprene neck
support, EZ-glide webbing system for easy adjustment
and a double crotch strapping system, ensuring an
easy donning, while also ensuring best ergonomic fit
and in-water performance support.
All lifejackets are produced and certified according to
the updated MSC.200 regulation and according to