Link2Cyber Symposium

Link2Cyber Symposium
Monday, May 4th  4:30 PM - 6:30 PM
The Link2Cyber Symposium introduces students to the growing cybersecurity sector. It gives
students an opportunity to hear from industry leaders on market trends and needs, innovative
technologies, entrepreneurship, sustainability of
The Cybersecurity industry
businesses, workforce needs and more.
impacts more than 13,000 of
the jobs in the San Diego region.
Free to all San Diego State students – Whether
you are a computer science major, savvy with
statistics & business, or a self-motivated
entrepreneur, this symposium will revolutionize your perspective. All majors are welcome!
Symposium Discussion Topics – Panelists will focus on innovative technologies in the
industry, market trends, employment needs, sustainability of business, and more.
$1.5 billion in total economic impact.
Equivalent of hosting three super
bowls in San Diego each year
Extended Studies Center Rooms #209/211
4:30 PM - Registration
4:45 PM - Introductions & Panel Discussion
6:00 PM - Networking Reception with Industry Representatives
Refreshments will be provided
You can pre-register by going to:
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